Top 5 Best Characters in Free Fire 2021

Top 5 Best Characters in Free Fire 2021
Top 5 Best Characters in Free Fire 2021

With the addition of Chrono,  Free Fire currently offers users 35 different characters. Each one of them besides Primis and Nulla boasts a unique ability.

Like most of the other games of the genre, Free Fire is quite competitive. A player’s desire to reach the higher ranks will depend on the characters they pick along the way.

This article takes a look at the top 5 best characters in Garena Free Fire 2021.

(Note: All the abilities in this article are at the maximum level of the characters.)

Top 5 Best Characters in Free Fire 2021

#1 – Alok (Ability – Drop the Beat)

Alok (Ability – Drop the Beat)
Alok (Ability – Drop the Beat)

In-game description: Alok is a world-famous DJ, ready to drop a beat.

Alok’s active ability, named Drop the Beat, creates an aura of 5m, increasing the allies’ movement speed by 15%, and restoring five HP for 10 seconds. But the effect cannot be stacked.

Alok is arguably the best character in Free Fire due to his ability to replenish HP. It can come clutch in moments where players do not have a source for restoring their health. The increment in the movement speed is also another factor. Read in Hindi Language

#2 – Chrono (Ability – Time Turner)

Chrono (Ability – Time Turner)
Chrono (Ability – Time Turner)

In-game description: Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe.

Time Turner creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies. The user and allies’ movement speed also increases by 30% and 15% within the field. There is a cooldown of 40 seconds, and all the effects last for nine seconds.

Time Turner’s ability is quite useful when players engage in encounters on the battlefield. Inside the force field, players won’t be taking any damage for nine seconds.. Read in Hindi Language

#3 – K (Ability – Master of All)

K (Ability – Master of All)
K (Ability – Master of All)

In-game description: K is a professor and jiu-jitsu expert.

K has one of the most unique abilities in Free Fire. It increases the maximum EP of the player by 50 and also has two different modes:

Jiu-jitsu mode: Increases the EP conversion rate of allies within 6m by 500%.

Psychology mode: Recovers two EP every two seconds up to 150 EP.

There is a cooldown of 20 seconds in switching between the mode.

With his ability on Jiu-jitsu mode, players will be able to replenish five HP per second. It is also quite useful in the Clash Squad mode, as players can directly purchase mushrooms.

#4 – Moco (Ability – Hacker’s Eye)

Moco (Ability – Hacker’s Eye)
Moco (Ability – Hacker’s Eye)

In-game description: Moco is an outstanding hacker.

This ability tags the enemies that are shot for five seconds. This information will also be shared with teammates.

Using Moco’s ability, players can know the enemy’s location upon shooting them. Players can use this to calculate their next move and prepare themselves. Read Hindi language

#5 – Jai (Ability – Raging Reload)

Jai (Ability - Raging Reload)
Jai (Ability – Raging Reload)

In-game description: Jai is a decorated SWAT agent.

This ability received a major buff with the OB24 update. Now, upon knocking down a foe, users will be able to reload 45% of their magazine capacity automatically. However, it is only restricted to AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG weapon classes.

The Raging Reload ability restores ammunition as players knock an enemy, which can prove to be quite helpful if the players prefer using the aforementioned weapons.

Honorable mentions: Jota and Hayato – Both of them are preferred by many players for character combinations, especially on the higher tiers due to their incredible abilities.

This copy reflects the writer’s personal views. Also, the character combination entirely depends on the preference of the players and will vary. Read in Hindi Language



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